Natural Medicines For Keloids

Keloids are only extended scars that are brought about because of the strange development of sinewy tissues. They are even considered as considerate sinewy tumors of the skin. Keloids are sporadically molded, pink in shading, have a smooth appearance and increment logically in size. Keloids are somewhat bothersome and despite the fact that they don’t bring about much agony, they give a terrible appearance to the skin. Laser and surgery are costly medicines accessible to expel keloids. Some of the remedies for keloids are as follows.



Honey is a characteristic fixing that is utilized for different skin medicines including keloids. On the off chance that conceivable utilize Tualang honey that is more successful in diminishing keloids. Essentially apply new honey specifically on your scars. Rub tenderly to keep dead cells from gathering in the range and furthermore to upgrade blood dissemination. You can apply honey twice regular for a little while to decrease keloid scars viably. Honey acts as exciting  home remedies for keloids.

Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe Vera gel has clean and antibacterial properties that assistance in mending keloids in the underlying stages. It likewise lessens torment and irritation. Clean the contaminated region with tepid water and apply natural Aloe Vera gel. Abandon it for some time. Applying Aloe Vera mends tainted skin and anticipates facilitate contaminations.

Lemon Juice


Being rich in Vitamin C, new lemon juice functions as a decent cancer prevention agent. Apply lemon squeeze on the tainted territory and let it remain for 30 minutes. Later, wash the territory with warm water. Rehash this day by day and inside fourteen days of utilization you will see wonderful changes in the adaptability, surface and shade of the skin.


Garlic is another best of home remedies for keloid scars. Plus, it additionally forestalls abundance fibroblast multiplication that is predominantly in charge of the augmentation of keloid scars. Apply garlic oil or pounded garlic cloves on the scars and abandon it for 15 minutes. Wash the zone later with tepid water.

Sandalwood And Rose Water

Sandalwood, known for its skin-recovering property and rose water being a skin toner, work incredible when utilized together in treating keloids. Make a thick glue of sandalwood in rose water and apply on the influenced region at sleep time. Wash off next morning with warm water.


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