Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

The occurrence of diabetes is expanding step by step. Being a noiseless executioner, it is assaulting the youthful era furtively that builds the weight of exchequer on the general population and in addition the administration. Two things are basic nowadays Side impacts and Insulin resistance among the general population who are taking cutting edge pharmaceuticals for diabetes treatment. It prompts to seeking of option arrangement of solution where Ayurveda has more noteworthy application and significance. Ayurveda treats diabetes through medications, consume less calories, panchakarma and work out. The administration strategy for diabetes in Ayurveda is as per the following: Exercise (Vyaayam), dietary control (Pathya), Panchakarma (bio-cleansing strategies) and Medicines. The condition is referred to by various names, for example, Asrava, Prameha, Madhumeha and Maharogya

Bitter Gourd Juice


Juice of Bitter melon/Karela (30 ml) might be gone up against purge stomach day by day in the early morning. Straightforward formulas of it can likewise be devoured. It is considered as one the best solutions for diabetes. The most effective method to get ready:

Crush the intense melon into a processor in the wake of isolating its seeds. Tiny bit of water may likewise be included. Sifter this to have juice. Cut the severe melon into little and thin pieces. Put little amount of mustard oil and salt as required into the broil container. Warm the fixings alongside onion and green stew for around 10-15 minutes. Ground inlet leaf and Aloe Vera: The blend of ground sound leaf (1/2 tbsp), turmeric (1/2 tbsp) and aloe vera gel (1 tbsp) if taken twice per day before lunch and supper, is useful to control sugar in blood in this way successful for the issue.

Methi Seeds

Fenugreek seeds or its mix with ayurvedic herbs are helpful solution for decrease the signs and side effects of diabetes. The most effective method to get ready:

Grind seeds of Methi (100 gm) and turmeric (25gm) are brought with a glass of drain twice every day. Soaked fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight took after by biting it in the morning. Soak 4tbsp of the seeds in 300 ml water overnight. Squash them in the morning and strain the blend. Drink it day by day for 3 months. Chapattis are likewise arranged by including methi powder.

Jamun Seeds

The seed powder of Eugenia jambolana (1 tsp) twice every day alongside tepid water is great in curing of it. The biting of Jamun leaves keeps the change of starch into sugar.


The juice of Amla (Embelica officinalis) (20 ml) twice every day is useful for diabetic patient. The powder of Amla organic product may likewise be taken twice per day.

Banyan Tree Husk

The decoction of the bark of ficus bengalensis is expended (50 ml) twice per day. Readiness technique: 20 gm of ficus bark is warmed in 4 glass of water. At the point when the blend remained approx. of 1 glass, it might be taken after make it cool.

Cinnamon Powder


This is one of the imperative regular home cures. The most effective method to get ready: First take one liter of drinkable water. Include 3-4 tbsp of cinnamon powder and warmth it for 20 minutes. Strain the blend and made it cool. Drink it consistently.

Vijaysar Churna

Pterocarpus marsupium is useful in curing of diabetes mellitus: How to utilize:

Pterocarpus marsupium bark might be taken as powder twice every day. The cube of vijaysar might be kept in water overnight. Drink it the morning in empty stomach. Patients additionally get a kick out of the chance to take solid shapes of vijaysar.

Wind Gourd

Decoction of equivalent piece of Patola (an assortment of little cucumber-wind gourd), Neem, product of embolic myrobalan and stem of Guduct (14 to 28 ml.) be taken thrice a day.



Triphala alongside different fixings are valuable in bringing down the sugar levels in blood. Step by step instructions to utilize: The decoction of equivalent amounts of Triphala, foundation of barberry, colocynth and moth (20ml) might be brought with turmeric powder (4gm) twice per day.


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